Daily Rates - Please email us for booking day trips

Mountain Running - From 700kr per person


Trail and Mountain running days catered for your needs. All abilities are welcome. Examples - The classic Romsdalseggen, Mannen, Breitinden and Loftskartinden but the possibilities are endless. Maximum group size 6 runners(email for group discounts) Duration - Up to 6hrs.

Sky Running - From 900kr per person


Technical running and scrambling (may require some previous climbing experience and ability to deal with some exposure) Examples would be Store Vengetind, Dronninga, Kongen, Bispen plus many many more unknown spectacular places. Maximum group size 4 runners(email for group discounts) Duration - Up to 6hrs

Hiking - From 600kr per person


Summits, valleys or lakes, we are happy to let you discover the region at a steadier pace. Romsdalseggen, Moanebba and Norafjellet are good examples of great hikes with spectacular views. Maximum group size 8 hikers(email for group discounts) Duration - Up to 7hrs.

Our Guides


All our guides are hand picked because of their in depth knowledge of the entire region and their ability to safely allow you to have an incredible experience when out on any of our adventures.